The 17 Ways An Island Girl Lives Life

      Who doesn’t love an island girl!

Island girl livin’ sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it? Have you ever wanted to live the life of an island girl? If so, good choice!

Growing up in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, in the country, was the complete opposite of my current carefree lifestyle. Most importantly, I can’t find any cows on back country roads around here!

I’ve been blessed to live this island/beach girl lifestyle for well over 8 years now.

No, I do not live on a Caribbean island like a 100% island girl, but home is on a barrier island, within a 2 minute walk to the beach – plus I have visited the small island of St John in the US Virgin islands enough to know what island girl living entails. In fact, moving there was looked into a time or two.

(Click the link below to see what real island girl life is like on St John)

The Island Girl Way

Everyone loves an island girl and I am about to tell you 17 reasons why that is. I certainly have earned the island girl crown!

Below entails all I have experienced and witnessed, from living on a small beach, to visiting a small island in the Caribbean.

1. We are sun worshippers, forever chasing the sun. Our skin always has a sun-kissed glow.  We embrace the warmth against our skin.

2. Sun tanning wears off on our dogs. Mine likes to steal her mamas beach chair and feel the waves just like her mama.

3. Our hair smells like the sea breeze. Beach hair don’t care attitude all the damn time! Throw away the expensive hair products. Sea salt spray works wonders for wavy beach hair.

“She goes where the wind suggests she goes” -Wild Child/ Kenny Chesney

4. We own flip flops in every color and design out there. Because lets be honest…real shoes don’t really exist anymore. Majority of the time our feet are bare covered in sand.

We like to feel the sand beneath our feet. And add beachy designs to our toenails!

5. We climb trees barefoot. If it was possible, living in a palm tree would be of preference…

6. Which is why, if we go missing, you’ll be sure to find us under a palm tree.

7. The beach is in our soul. We watch the tides ebb and flow which fills us with overpowering peace.

8. The mere sight of water brings out the mermaid in us. Once our tail is attached, off we go swimming like a fish, always looking for something living to pull out of the water.

True mermaids have mastered the dolphin kick as well as floating pretty.

9. Conversations with the seabirds isn’t uncommon.

Watching the tide roll in with Charlie

Personally, my eyes are always on the lookout for a cool pelican dive.

10. Selfies are a must when wild donkeys are found. We prefer a beach with wild animals over people.

11. Seashells fill our pockets; our homes. We spend significant time walking and searching the shoreline for treasures of the sea.

12. Island girls are not scared to bait a hook or hold a slimy fish. This island chick likes to throw them back in the water alive rather than let them die. Did I mention island girls can be a bit sensitive?

13. If we have had our fair share of alone time (connecting with ourselves in nature) you’ll see us stepping out into the social world for a cocktail or two. We genuinely enjoy connecting with people on our own terms (when we feel up to it).

So bring me two pina coladas Two Pina Coladas – Garth Brooks

Painkillers are a must when down in the islands. They will kill any heartbreak blues in 2.5 seconds!

14. We chase sunsets, never taking for granted the blessings of observing the sun sinking down over the water. Every sunset we don’t chase feels like a missed opportunity.


I love to capture the many variety of sunsets seen on the gulf coast of Florida. My neighbor snapped this photo of me taking a sunset photo.

Heaven seems a little closer when the God streaks come out.

Even both my dogs have learned to appreciate a good sunset.

Salty Dogs

15. We scope out paths to places of peace that are still; quiet.  A place to meditate and talk to God.

16. We are free spirits, a breath of fresh air, whom connect deeply with the world; with nature. Our spirits can’t be tamed. We like to wander seeking out adventure. Wanderlust should be tattooed on our foreheads!

Tire swinging the true island girl way – high and free
“Got a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy wild style, she can’t be tied down but for a while” -Wild Child/ Kenny Chesney

17. Island girls are sweet and salty like the calm sea. Fierce and untamed like the wild sea. Don’t mistake our sweetness for weakness or you’ll see our inner fire come to light real quick.


”Cause I’m a gulf coast girl/ Partial to the warm winds & the salty water/Gulf Coast girl/ Yeah I got a little mermaid in me” – Caroline Jones

She has the Soul of a Gypsy, The Heart of a Hippie, and the Spirit of a Mermaid

Take time to COAST

Were you born with the island girl spirit? ‘Cause I was born this way, free… wandering aimlessly, since a little girl, chasing the birds.

“It helps to sit here and go back to the days when I had an untroubled mind, when life was new and fresh. It does something for me. It gives me peace”

Live Young Live Free

I hope my fellow island girls out there enjoyed the journey I just took you on. I hope this blog served its purpose and gave readers a good chuckle!

Please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts or your experiences as an island girl.

You’ll love the video I linked below if you are a free spirit, wild child lady! I referenced some lyrics from this song in a few photo captions. Live free!

Kenny Chesney – Wild Child – Bing video

Island girls ain’t scared of a little barefoot rock climbing either!


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