About Kelly

This is my personal journey from a Pennsylvania small town country girl to a Florida salt life island girl!

Howdy And Welcome Aboard To Beachcountrykel!

Lets just start off by saying how excited, nervous, and relieved I am feeling while typing this. The yearning to pursue a blogging career has been in the back of my mind for two years now. Finally, I have decided to not let fear of rejection, or the fear of my content not being good enough, stand in the way. I guarantee many of my readers can relate to those unwanted thoughts and insecurities.

The Name Matters

I, Kelly Nichols, am the founder and owner of this brand new blog!

The name beachcountrykel was chosen for a few simple reasons. First, the beach is my happy place. The seashore brings peace and never fails to soothe this soul of mine. Second, I am a country girl at heart with country music in my blood. Third, I, Kelly, am the perfect combination of what represents an country/island girl. Sweet and sassy to boot…two words that fit my personality perfectly! 

Purpose Driven

Choosing to become a blogger was an easy decision for me since I have immense passion to help and inspire others, plus telling stories and capturing photos, both come naturally to me. Natural born storyteller should have been noted on my birth certificate. God has blessed me with an amazing memory, sense of humor, personality, and provided unique experiences throughout this crazy life thus far. All are important characteristics needed to maintain a blog.

You’ll encounter blogs/vlogs covering a variety of different topics, photography, videos, beach/country fashion, all created by yours truly, while scrolling this site. Also keep an eye out for country music incorporated throughout my work.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, motivate…give strength, courage and empowerment… to all fellow country/island ladies, even gentlemen, out there. I truly believe we were all created for a purpose. Creating my very own blog is the start of pursuing mine.

I Am An Open Book. The More You Know The Better…

I’ve been told often over the years that I should have my own TV show. Blogging sounded like a better option. 😜 BUT videos will be part of this blog as a means to show off the goofy, ditzy, fun-loving, outspoken side I have been gifted with. Ya never know what will come flying out of this mouth!

Music, the ocean, animals and laughter are medicine to me. I practice yoga and always try to keep in shape with various types of workouts. All of these help to keep any anxiety/depression issues, genetics I was born with, manageable for when they come creeping in. 

Currently, home for me, 9 years and counting, is a beautiful island in Florida, along the gulf side of the state. I am single, 45, no kids, but a mom to two adorable dogs(UPDATE:My beloved Brandi passed July 2021) and a beach cat. Once, I was married, but have been divorced since 2005, therefore I have more dating/relationship stories than you could possibly imagine.

My journey led me to Florida when I was 35. Corporate America was the first career path I chose in Pennsylvania, and maintained, for 15 years.

Presently, behind a bar is where you will find me, beachside.  I have a disk full of tales tucked away from the madness I have witnessed while working the beach bar service industry life for 9 years. Ohhh don’t you worry I will tell! 😁 In addition, I have a super sweet side gig , promoting and sampling, for a popular rum company.

Hopefully, in time, full time blogger/photographer will be my new career title.  Travel blogger cruising this great American country would be outstanding!

Anchored Faith

Life throws us many twists and turns-we face trials, disappointments and temptations everyday. I have had my share of life altering obstacles…but through it all, I stayed anchored in my faith, in life, and in what I believe, while choosing not to sink. Even though I easily could have. This lead to adding anchored faith to my blog logo. ⚓✝

Encouraging others to be faithful in who you are is something I strive to accomplish.

Bringing laughter to peoples faces always feels good. I get a high from making others laugh. 

One thing is certain , along this ride, I have made sure to make this one life I have, adventurous, fun and exciting!

Bless you for stopping by. Drop anchor and stay awhile!


“Somehow the salty air it soothes her soul” Kenny Chesney

“Be Sweet Be Sassy. Whatever floats your boat. Overall, be YOU, the wonderful unique person that you were created to be”

Kelly Nichols