My Thanksgiving random thoughts

My beach community hung this board up for us all to write down what we are thankful this year
What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is a reminder for the things we are thankful for

A neighbor, from the beach community I live on, posted the above sign, attached to a tree, at the beach access the neighbors and I all use. A marker was left for each of us to write down, individually, what we are thankful for.

This was a five-star idea! As a result, every time any one of us heads to the beach for tanning, a walk, sunset, etc., this sign is in our face to give a thankful reminder.

You’ll see waves, sunsets, the beautiful beach birds, family, breathing, among others, written when looking closely at the board.

There is always something to be thankful for, especially after this chaotic year. At this point, you are spoiled if you go to sleep with a roof over your head.

Personally, I am thankful for my family (immediate and extended), dogs, cat, friends, the neighbors. In addition, I am able to walk, talk, hear, smell, see, taste and breathe. I have shelter, food in my cupboards, electric, water, a running vehicle. The ability to dream while walking or biking around this beautiful beach I live on.

Mainly, I am thankful for my relationship with God.

Think about all your blessings that are highly overlooked.

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is not meant to be spent alone or working

Thanksgiving is about being with your tribe. It is about gathering with family and friends.

United bird tribe

This year I will be alone on Thanksgiving. No family no friends. I tested positive for Covid19.

Technically, Thanksgiving Eve, I was given the go ahead to come out of quarantine. Although, I am choosing to err on the side of caution and remain quarantined a extra couple days, due to lingering symptoms.

Having to isolate on my absolute favorite holiday… just plain SUCKS. Obviously, it saddens me.

I have spent many Thanksgivings here in Florida, away from family, with neighbors, friends, and coworkers (the years I had to work) and faired well.

For instance, the first, I was 35 years old, a new Floridian, which was exciting.  I cooked and stuffed a turkey, completely on my own, for the very first time.

First Florida Thanksgiving with Brandi
My very first stuffed turkey

Thankfully, last year my mother was in Florida for the winter, so I was able to spend the day with her.

Being isolated on Thanksgiving, for the first time ever,  will be tough…but the risk isn’t worth it to possibly infect someone with Covid19.

Homesickness never goes away this time of year

Are you spending Thanksgiving away from family and your hometown?

The way I was raised, gathering with family is the only real way to spend Turkey Day. Nothing compares to sitting at the table, reliving old family memories, amongst the chatter and laughter.

Thanksgiving 2014 was the last time I was back in Pennsylvania for the holiday. Cooking and watching movies together with my mom and sisters , while the nieces/nephews played, filled our day.

An added bonus, 6 inches of snow piled up! Of course I had to get outside to join in on the sledding and snowball fight party with the kiddos.

November 2014 snowball fight with my niece

6 years is way too long to not come home for the holiday. Work and/or finances kept me away. This truly has been the hardest part about moving away.

One way or another, next year will be spent in Pennsylvania with the family!

A Covid19 2020 BEACHThanksgiving

In conclusion, tomorrow, in spite of the circumstances, I will embrace the day, embrace being in solitude.

Right after the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christmas movies will be on the tube.

Friends are dropping off a scrumptious plate. A neighbor dropped off a pumpkin pie the other day. I am set, golden. See, two more blessings to add to my list!

Turkey day nap will happen. Food + nap = two of Kelly’s favorite things.

At some point, I hope to take a walk down the beach, and not forget to count my blessings while strolling past that decorative sign I mentioned earlier in this post.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Be safe and Gobble Gobble!

2020 Thanksgiving view






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