“How do you keep your feet on the ground when you know that you were  born to fly” Sara Evans

Born To Fly

Does your life feel repetitive, dull or stale? Do you often dream of skipping town making a new life in a brand new state? If so, have your fears held you back or something else?

Trust me, I have been there, and want to share my story, in hopes it will encourage you to take that leap, spread your wings and fly… because I am living proof it is attainable.

SOLELY attainable!

I achieved my dream of moving to a beach in Florida all by my lonesome. No man, no relative, no friend. Just me, myself and I.

There’s Gotta Be Something More

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was sitting in a cubicle, back when I was working for Corporate America in Pennsylvania, daydreaming of the days palm trees🌴 would be visible out my window.  Visions of a different life, in a warmer climate, by the coast, consumed me. 🌊

Somewhere deep within my soul I could not shake the feeling something more was out there.

This song was a big inspiration to me. Sugarland-Something More

Can you relate to the feeling? If you said yes, do not ignore that sensation. Your intuition just may be speaking to you!

I know it may seem terrifying to make a huge life change like that. But I am here to show you the rewards far outweigh the risks.

You can produce what you continually see in your mind.

That cubicle I spoke of was filled with beach/island calendars, beach decor and photos, since that is where I envisioned living someday. This helped to consistently keep the beach dream fresh in my crowded mind. Coworkers would comment, “Why don’t you just move to the beach already?” or” When are you moving to Florida?”

Turns out they were onto something.  I was meant to chase the sun. ☀

3 different views from my former work cubicle

Just Lookin’ For My One Chance To Run

The opportunity for a new journey to start happened when the health insurance company I was employed at (where you would find that elaborate cubicle) for 14 and a half years, had a huge round of layoffs due to a parent company takeover.

I was so young when first hired at NCAS (National Claims Administrative Services) as a temporary Front End Clerk, 20 years old, with minimal college education. When let go, I was a permanent employee with a Business Analyst title, 35 years of age.

December 2003 when I received my 5 year star award from NCAS.

It took some time to get the courage to move away after the layoff- 8 months to be exact- 9 years after the dream of relocating to Florida first came to mind. Like many do, I fell in love the very first visit.

Dreams can take years to become a reality but that doesn’t mean you should give up on them!

Did you ever have an opportunity that you didn’t go for because you didn’t feel like you could do it?

No doubt those negative thoughts crossed my mind continuously.

Initially, I wasn’t as ballsy. Being super close to family and friends made the decision more difficult. Overall, it was fear holding me back… so it was time to let out the badass buried deep inside. She surely came out swinging, because I left on a whim with nothing planned out.

No job was lined up, nor a place to live.

I literally skipped town with a heart full of faith, plus a packed car with a month full of clothes, and my dog Brandi. Thankfully, living in southern Florida, majority of the year, you do not need much more than shorts, tank tops, bathing suits and flip flops.  😎

The way everything fell into place so easily upon arriving to the sunshine state, there is no doubt it was meant to be. God opened every door.

Always choose Faith over Fear.

The Only BS You Need Is Beach And Sunshine

Now, the beach, unbelievably, is my backyard. Palm tress blow outside all windows from the seaside serenity I call home. Morning runs consist of seeing dolphins, manatees, pelicans. Perfecting my tan and long walks down the beach fill some afternoons. Evenings often end with capturing amazing sunsets over the gulf.

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine being rewarded in this way – that I would find an affordable place, with a small beach within 100 yards, until the sand was felt between my toes.

I am truly an island girl ‘livin’ on island time!

Palm trees blowing outside my bedroom window
Morning run view


I pass this sign everyday when I enter my beach community
I pass this sign everyday I drive through my beach community.
Favorite Beach Hobby = Capturing A Sunset
I Never Said It Would Be Easy

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some major struggles. Emotional and financial plus being away from family and friends has been super tough, especially when those relationships were well built and solid. It is a real bummer when trials, heartbreak, holidays, etc. arrive.

But it has made me stronger, wiser, braver, and most of all a kinder more gentler woman.

Stepping outside of that Pennsylvania comfort zone, I lost {myself}, found myself, and transformed into a person I had only hoped to be. The divine part, the new Kelly, is helping to convert me over to this next phase of life.

If you crave a new life, do yourself a favor and FLY!

If you want it bad enough YOU too can reform your life! Whether it is the mountains, the beach, a big city or even another country, NO dream is unattainable if your heart is in it.

Maybe, just maybe, if you are in the position to move, it just may be your time to pack up (heavy or light) whether you plan it out, or  go on a whim (like I did), put your current life in the rearview mirror, hit that accelerator hard, and peace out on an open highway.

Dream Weaver

Ultimately, my dream is to settle down on a farm with an abundance of animals that make me laugh every day. Also, I would love to own a beach cottage I can escape to when the ocean calls me. I surely am a dreamer. One achieved but more to come.

Full time blogger, photographer, traveler are all work in progress.

Never give up on your dreams. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Sometimes the best life changes are NOT planned.

Now She's An Island Girl
Now she’s an island girl!
I was always drawn to the ocean, since a little girl.  This captured moment is from Ocean City Maryland, where my family and I visited every summer.

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