Why You Should Experience A Beach Christmas In Florida

Why You Should  Experience A Beach Christmas In Florida 🌴🐬

“Barefoot in the snow white sand; A bag of seashells in her hand” On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful-Kenny Chesney

As a born-and-raised Pennsylvanian,  I grew up with a traditional Christmas season. Christmastime was often very cold, which in turn most days/nights were spent indoors curled up by a fire.

My family and I would decorate around the mantel to show off for Santa when he came barreling down the chimney.

Driving around the nearby neighborhoods, in a warm car, was how we gazed at Christmas lights.

Christmas morning attire always was warm clothes coupled with fuzzy slippers. Within reach, a warm mug of hot chocolate, as we sat around the Christmas tree opening gifts.

Winter skin was dry, pale; flaky. Not sun-kissed and glowing.

The only time you would generally find us outdoors was during a White Christmas occasion, for sledding and snow angels.

Dreaming Of A Beach Christmas

The older I got, the more often I fantasized over experiencing Christmas on a beach/island, in a tropical climate. Definitely, somewhere winter clothes didn’t have to be worn anymore.

After accomplishing the big move to Florida, I was ecstatic to spend my first Christmas season in the sunshine state! Relaxing on a beach, perfecting my tan, surrounded by palm trees, was the only way I wanted to spend the holiday that year.

Little did I know all the other cool things that came along with it.

Here, I gathered up 8 reasons to spend Christmas in Florida, on a beach. 

1. There’s Lights Up in Every Palm

There is something quite enchanting about seeing blowing palm trees, tastefully covered in Christmas garnish. Lighted palm trees are the bomb, along with essential.

I think the majority of Florida cities decorate them in various, colorful, methods; for your day or night time viewing pleasure.

I’ve always been a palm tree lover, so lighted palms always brings on the Christmas spirit.

2. Lighted Boat Parades

Ever watch a floating light show? In Florida, lighted boat parades happen in just about every coastal town.

Surely, it is quite peaceful to sit by the water, while feeling the sea breeze against your skin, as you watch lighted festive boats pass by.

But, once the boat horns start tooting be prepared to get your Christmas groove on…because all will have Christmas tunes blasting.  Merry Christmas greetings will be exchanged.

Therefore, you’ll simply be having a wonderful Christmas boat parade time!

3. Sand Snowman

No, Frosty the Snowman won’t be found here.

Instead, make your own sand snowman accessorized with seashells, starfish, sand dollars, etc. Seaweed is a great accessory to use for hair in the case you want to create a sand snow mermaid. Likewise, seashells make the best buttons.

Again, locals and tourists take part in this activity.

Kiss those gloves goodbye. Fingers will be covered in sand, not frostbite.

Would you prefer a Tropical Beach Snowman or Frosty the Snowman?

4. Flip flops With Christmas Attire

Boots? Nah…toss them aside. More than likely, boots will not be necessary.

December in Florida, usually, doesn’t dip below 70. Even on the rare occasion it does, flip flops are still the way to go. It doesn’t get much cuter than flip flops to complement your Christmas attire.

5. Christmas Trees on the Beach

Whomever takes the time to drag a Christmas tree to the beach, deserves a standing ovation. I’ve seen a few, fully decorated, ornaments and all; including strings of lights.  All in all, day or night, this is a must see.

Replace tinsel with seaweed. Seaze the deal on your Beach Christmas!

6. Warm Temperatures = Tan Skin

All I want for Christmas is a real good tan.


Have you ever heard this song by Kenny Chesney? To sum up, the lyrics cover the joys of spending a Christmas somewhere warm, by the sea, barefoot in the snow white sand; a Pina Colada in hand.

Forget where your days went. With this in mind, relax. Rub some oil on, drink up all the rum cocktails possible. In other words, embrace the sand beneath your feet.

7. Lighted Bike Rides 

Touring the neighborhood, on Christmas lighted bikes, is a tradition my neighbors started a few years back. Thankfully, I was invited in on the fun!

To begin with, everyone decorates their bikes with Christmas garnish. In addition, the bikes are beautified with Christmas lights.

Next, the leader of the pack attaches a speaker to their bike. Then, the best Christmas tunes play through the speakers as we all cycle up and down each street throughout the neighborhood.

Many tourist witness and want to take part, in this jolly old time. Frequently, they holler at us!

In the moment, a warm feeling fills my heart.

8. Luminaries

Lighted luminaries is another unique tradition, (like the lighted bike ride) the beach I live on takes part in. Every Christmas Eve, at sunset time, each street is lined with glowing luminaries.

Truly, the luminaries make it feel like a Holy Silent Night. Words can’t describe the spiritual feeling that flows through the air walking amongst these lighted paper lanterns.

Why not give it a whirl in your local community?

Because the benefits are rewarding- not to mention your fellow neighbors will take notice. More than likely, they will want to participate in lighting all the luminaries.

Without doubt, this is my favorite experience of all!

9. Beachy Tree Decorations

How does starfish hanging from a Christmas tree sound? Or, clear Christmas Ball Ornaments filled with sand and shells?

These homemade ornaments are quite easy to put together. Altogether, sand, sea-grass, and seashells are all you’ll need to fill the ball . Stroll the beach to gather the fixings. String some starfish lights. Decorate in beachy style.

I, personally, am still searching for a mermaid tree topper!

It’s A Pretty Good Plan

Without cold weather and snowflakes, Christmas season in Florida feels a bit strange. As the years pass by,  it has become more “normal.” I’ve embraced the warm-weather style after 8 years and ’tis the season with new traditions.

There’s a lot to be said for the traditional Christmas. Laying by the fireplace, while snow falls in sight outside a window, hands down is the perfect Christmas.

Even so, once in awhile, escape the norm and bless your life with a Very Merry Beach Christmas; On the coast of somewhere beautiful… A Christmas like no other!

“On the coast of somewhere beautiful; Trade winds blowin’ through her hair” On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful-Kenny Chesney



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  1. I have been enjoyed Christmas in Florida near the beach. It is pretty cool.
    My sister, nephew and niece live in Florida. It was wonderful.

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