Why You Should Experience A Beach Christmas In Florida

Why You Should  Experience A Beach Christmas In Florida 🌴🐬 As a born-and-raised Pennsylvanian,  I grew up with a traditional Christmas season. Christmastime was often very cold, which in turn most days/nights were spent indoors curled up by a fire. My family and I would decorate around the mantel to show off for Santa when … Continue reading “Why You Should Experience A Beach Christmas In Florida”

Life & Lemons

  “And if love (and life) keeps giving me lemons, I’ll just mix ’em in my drink” Bluebird/Miranda Lambert They say when life hands you lemons you are supposed to turn them into lemonade, right? Well, we all know that’s easier said than done… And why do they (lemons) always seem to make an appearance … Continue reading “Life & Lemons”


The Goldbergs are reenacting an all-time favorite 80’s movie of mine, Airplane, on tonight’s episode. Therefore,  I had to share and repost the reenactment video I made a few months ago. If you just started following this blog, here is a glimpse into my sense of humor! “What a pisser.” Ted Striker “A day without … Continue reading “Airplane!”

Born To Fly

Does your life feel repetitive, dull or stale? Do you often dream of skipping town making a new life in a brand new state? If so, have your fears held you back or something else? Trust me I have been there, and want to share my story, in hopes, it will encourage you to take … Continue reading “Born To Fly”

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